Tips for a clean home ft. Care Cleaning

by Abigail Caplin

Bailey and Morgan started their cleaning business in August of 2017.  After building a home they were very disappointed in how dirty it was when they moved in.  They soon realized, after asking multiple neighbors that they all were having the same problem!  They saw a huge need for reliable, honest, good cleaners and after many late night discussions and ideas they decided to go for it.  They started cleaning here and there on the side, just the two of them. Then as their business gradually started growing they decided that they had potential to make this a full time gig.  They went for it and things have gone so well! They now have three teams of girls and are opening in two new counties next month.  

In April of 2018 Bailey approached Tierney about starting a blog and Instagram page to feature all of their cleaning tips, tricks and hacks.  She agreed and they immediately started giving the carecleaing Instagram a facelift and started the blog. The whole idea behind the blog and Instagram was to provide people with easy, practical, and simple cleaning and organization tips.  They said, “We wanted to be able to help people even if hiring a cleaner wasn't in their budget or lifestyle.” Here we are a few months later and Bailey and Morgan's business is booming like crazy and their blog and Instagram page has gotten so much positive feedback. 

“We can't even believe it! It has been such a fun, crazy and inspired journey!”


We asked Bailey and Tierney some questions and here were their answers:

Where do you recommend the best place to start cleaning?

Start with bathrooms!  Always! Our order: Bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room. 

How often to deep clean vs. tidy up?

We deep clean once a week and do a mid-day and nightly pickup of our house each day.  This helps keep things tidy and prevents overwhelm and clutter.

Keeping things looking tidy in small spaces?

If you have a small space (or a big space) always remember less is more!  The less you have, the easier it is to keep clean. Invest in storage that will allow you to have practical and simple systems for your family to keep things clean and tidy. 

Your thoughts on organic products?

We have researched and use the most environmentally safe products that we can find that will still get the hard to clean things sparkling!  Always read the ingredients in cleaning products and do your research! Sometimes, cleaners that claim to be "clean" really aren't once you read the ingredients.  A lot of our cleaners we make ourselves using household products that you probably have in your kitchen cupboard right now!

Favorite organizers/bins/brands/etc.

Places we love to get storage containers and bins...Amazon, The Container Store, and Target.  Just take all of our money! HA. You can find all of our favorites on our blog. We always say quality is key.  Organization is an investment that if you buy the right things they will last you through the years. We also say, stay within your budget!!  If your budget doesn't have room for new storage bins then go around your house and inventory what you already have. Be creative. Boxes will work if that's what you have to do right now.  It doesn't necessarily have to be pretty to be organized. Save up if that matters to you! 

Morgan and Bailey offer cleaning services and organization services to their customers.  This includes residential, move out/move in, new constructions and commercial cleaning. You can find out more here. We hope these tips were helpful and that you get inspired to keep your space more clean! Follow them on Instagram @carecleaning for daily tips or check out their blog. I love their advice and now have an Amazon cart full of products I can't wait to try!