5 steps to the perfect porch

by Abigail Caplin


There are two stages of living in a home. And no, we aren’t talking about your age, how big your home is or how much $$$ you spent on your last duvet cover ($14 vs. $250...is there really a difference?). We are talking about these stages:

Stage 1: Living in space that you can survive in

Stage 2: Living in a place that you take pride in

You might reach stage 2 when you sign your first apartment. You might reach it when finally close on that house. You might even reach it when walk into your first college dorm room (which may/may not smell like mildew). Doesn’t matter when or where because when it finally feels like yours, you want to make it feel like a home.

Here at the Welcome Co., we believe that making a house (dorm room, apartment, AirBnb, shoe box) feel like a home doesn’t require big bucks. But rather it’s the small and simple things that can do the trick.

The entrance of your home in a lot ways is an entrance into your life. Deep, we know. But think about it: first impressions matter. And what better impression to give than a clean, fresh porch with a darling mat to top it all off? Can’t think of any? Neither can we. But how do you even start...meaning are you coping with questions such as: Am I ready this? Am I really stepping into a phase of your where I am invested in how my porch looks?

Deep breaths. We get you. We got you. Here are five easy ways to make your porch or entrance of your home more inviting:

1) Clean your porch

Be better than the dead leaves accumulating on your porch or the take-out boxes you’re “waiting to take out to the trash.” A cute mat deserves a clean slate. So, sweep it up, spray it off, repeat.

2) Add some green

Adding some maintainable plants are an easy way to make your porch and/or entrance way more dynamic. Nothing says “I’m adulting” like a few flower pots. Pro tip: No one said anything about plants needing to be real. Sometimes a knock-off is a knock-out.

3) Hang a wreath

There’s not one right way to do a wreath. You can dress it up for the holidays or invest in something classic that looks good year round. Are you a DYI kinda girl? Meet your new best friend. Not a fan of crafts? Then you could never go wrong with this beauty.

4) Buy a Gripper

Sounds excessive? Not entirely. Investing in a mat gripper will help your mat stay in place and help maintain the quality of your doormat. It’s like putting on primer before your foundation...it’s not necessary but will really pay off in the end.

5) Invest in a doormat

The time has finally come to invest in a doormat (kids. . . they grow up so fast). Check out our latest collection of mats here. With styles ranging from classic to something feminine, there’s a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ for everyone.


And there you have it: five easy steps to get you started in making your house feel like a home. Que “Graduation” by Vitamin C, you’ve finally graduated to Home Living Stage 2. We’re happy you’ve joined the ranks, this is going to be fun.