Spring Sale!

It's time for a porch refresh - no code needed


Interior Design Starts on the Exterior.

Decorate your door today with one of our modern doormats!

We believe in making houses feel like home. By decorating the space you're in, whether that's a rental, apartment, or home you've been in for a while that could use a refresh!


Meet Abby, the founder

Hi, Im Abby! Thanks for visiting. I'm a Graphic designer, creator, traveler, and lover of all things social!

I'm always looking to increase my graphic design experience through new ideas and projects.

I started The Welcome Co. three years ago as a side hobby, but it has quickly become more than that. I've grown tremendously as I've scaled my business on and offline, designed doormats, created marketing materials, and worked with new people. I love how I am learning everyday!